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hey this is sick! i never knew i needed a fully functional library of babel in my life. the navigation is a little strange, but good work!

i think i found my fate. the library is telling me to play a session of overwatch and move to new york. thank you for this life advice

ah! it scared me

hey i think i know a polish person with that name

it said fak you

it said wfnghdusyjrrhfcskjyghfvhfdrhfjujfhudjghf7ychjdkslgyfeufhyd,fhuguyhnfcjinhvjmxnhcdbg ckjhdsn bx

no not

I'm glad I could help :D


shut up


on windows 10 when i run the app my windows defender says wow this is a dangerous aplication are you sure? isnt dangerous?

Sorry for the sdelay! Yes this is unfortunately normal behaviour for games made with GameMaker Studio when you have certain antiviruses (eg Avast). Even when i test a build it can be swallowed by the Antivirussoftware...