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The Complex Tarthus, nothing more then the shadows of its inhabitants are contained within it. You got chosen to clear the building of its rotten plague. Hack and Slash through the enemies and bring peace to Tarthus. Ah, and before i forget; mind the traps, this can be a viscious place.

-you can now hold the Left Mouse Button to move around
-with a right click you can cancel movements and this will at the same time trigger a spin attack
-the normal RMB attack has halve the delay of the previous version
-one new trap: sand that slows you down
-5 new enemies with different attacks and behaviour: the giant, poisonous scorpion, worm, falcon and snake
-smashed boxes have now a chance to drop a healthpotion
-added visual effects if you are stunned or poisoned, which hinder your sight


LD38_the_complex_tarthus_v1.1.exe 3 MB

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